From Singapore to Malaysia and Thailand and Indo-China, STE GLOBAL delivers every day. The company is the regional leader in cross-border express deliveries, ahead of competitors, and a major provider of logistics, land transportation and freight forwarding services. The company maintains about 15 offices, and it operates a fleet of some 96 vehicles. STE GLOBAL expanded in 2005 when it acquired a Malaysian-based logistics provider. STE GLOBAL provides transportation, customs clearance, import-export permits and business and information services in these regions. It offers various shipping and transportation services for delivery of packages and freight. STE GLOBAL provides business and residential money-back-guaranteed ground package delivery services. Freights and packages are delivered on the same day in Johor, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan, the next-day in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Penang, Kedah and the fourth day in Bangkok and Indo-China. Less-than-truckload freight services and full truck load services are offered. Customers have complete visibility of our network of digitally connected locations.

STE GLOBAL believes it is the most efficient, cost effective, environmentally responsible and profitable company in the industry. All goods - air and ground, domestic and international, commercial and residential - are processed through a single network - STE GLOBAL's e-capability. This results in very efficient use of assets and lowers costs. It delivers significant benefits: reducing environmental impact; offering opportunities to employees; and providing positive financial performance. Every day, millions of business transactions take place around the world. In today's economy, everything involved in these transactions - the goods, the information and the funds - must flow in a synchronized fashion. STE GLOBAL is one of the few companies in the region that has the infrastructure, the scale, the financial strength and the expertise to enable that synchronization.

Complementing STE GLOBAL's unique network structure is its TECHNOLOGY. It powers virtually every service we offer and every operation we perform. Today, more than 95 percent of the information about the small packages that move through our system each day is provided to us electronically by our customers. This information fuels the company's regional small package operations. A transportation philosophy of "fastest is best" isn't always optimal. That's why STE GLOBAL offers a variety of transportation solutions — air, ground, rail or ocean — to maintain efficiencies up and down the supply chain, enabling goods to be delivered where they're needed, when they're needed, keeping inventories to a minimum.


We are a Singapore registered company with warehouse facilities for both storage and transit cargo. We have our operations centre with warehouse facilities in key locations in Malaysia, Thailand and Indo-China. Our trucks depart daily to these regions carrying FCL or LCL goods. There is no lost time.

From the time goods arrive at Changi Terminal or at PSA/Keppel Distripark, our RELIABLE teams' takes over its management. We have been riding the market for almost 2 decades. Our work force is highly motivated and independent. Over the years, we have seen and solved several issues with the Customs at both the Singapore – Malaysia border, Thailand border and also to Indo-China countries. We have become a specialist and with our sophisticated monitoring system and we give you outstanding flexibility and control. Whether you are importing into Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand or Indo-China or exporting out of these countries, you can count on us.

You can rely on STE Global for a smooth Customs clearance at all borders. We understand Customs better than anyone else. We help you navigate often complex regulations, avoiding problems and delays. We add more value to your global supply chain by managing your import and export transactions for compliance. We help you improve your duty/tariff optimization and minimize administration costs.

Our scheduling and route planning is exemplary. We know when the roads are congested, or when it is unsafe to truck the goods. We are the local experts. We give attention to details and work with Government Agencies in advance; to minimize any risk associated with moving freight across international borders. We take all reasonable care to protect your goods from damage and delay.

We own our trucks, vans or transportation vehicles. We do not sub-contract or sub-let. We are free to bundle our customers combined volumes together to achieve the most competitive prices.